Drei Ros Effortlessly Captures Nightclub Energy in “LIT”

We’ve all been there. It’s Saturday night, and you’re almost fully equipped for a night on the town. You’re living your best life, adorned in your sexiest fit, sporting a double tequila shot and lime. But wait, something is missing. You scroll through your playlists filled with sad folk songs and emotive trip-hop – you’re in desperate need of a song fit for your hyped mood and unparalleled swag. Never fear, Drei Ros is here to serve up a late summer banger fit for your most “LIT” evenings.

Romanian-born artist first made his move to the United States at age 16 to play collegiate basketball in Seattle. A few years following his move, Ros faced a sudden tragedy when his father was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. After spending his father’s remaining days with his family in Romania, Ros was invited by a hometown friend to work on some music in his studio. In an emotional catharsis of heartbreak and loss, Ros recorded his first music project, Between Life and Death, which was dedicated to his late father and never released. Following a stint in professional Romanian basketball, Ros relocated to Los Angeles to pursue music full time.

Once in Los Angeles, he immersed himself in rap and hip hop culture, and started experimenting with various elements of his favorite tracks. He began to make a name for himself in the industry by spicing up tracks for the likes of Pusha T, Gucci Mane, and Kap G. Then in 2009, he joined forces with artists Burre Collins and Dyce Dylli to form the band B.O.S.S. (“building our success story”). And their story was truly a success- partly due to Ros’ intriguing Romanian accent – which led to the success of several singles and a tour of the Pacific Northwest.

Today we find Drei Ros at the precipice of musical domination, as he gears up for his 808-Mafia (Future, Drake, Migos, Travis Scott, DJ Khaled) produced, debut trap album Excuse My Accent, set for release this October. Though the full-length album is a distant three months away, Ros has no intention of leaving his fans high and dry until then.

On August 15, Drei Ros is set to release his party-inducing single “LIT,” featuring Sy Ari Da Kid, Reo Cragun, and Tray Haggerty. In perfect trap fashion, the foursome’s auto-tuned laced voices sing-rap over a dynamic percussive beat. With a variety of sounds including a booming bass, loud kicks, triplet high hats, and snappy snares, the rhythm is both interesting and enticing. The lyrics contain a mix of English and Spanish verses, and mirror the undeniable swagger of the beat, evoking a feeling of unaffected, cool confidence.

Drei Ros divulged more on the feel he was trying to capture for the single

With ‘LIT’ I wanted to capture the energy you feel when at the clubs in LA and Atlanta and give people a song they can ride to or vibe to whether at a party, in the car or at the club. The track is produced by MP (808 Mafia) and it features Reo Cragun, Sy Ary Da Kid & Tray Haggerty. It’s LIT!

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